Franchising With Us And Get The Store You Always Dreamed Of

Franchise With Us

Benefits of Franchising with us

  • Business experience in the repair and retail market.
  • Business Support
  • Partnership with the biggest IT Companies in the Country
  • Preferred Pricing with Industry’s Top Suppliers
  • Marketing material for your business
  • Established brand of the repair business

Market Statistics

107 Billions

Accessories Sales

340 Millions

Computer Units Sales

4 Billions

Phone/Device Repairs

How long does it take to open a store?

Based on different franchise openings, we estimate 90 days from the signing agreement for having the store you always dreamed of.

Can I own a store and work remotely?

Many of our franchisees own multiple stores and work remotely, however you should expect to be working out of your store(s) the first 6 months to a year. Building the foundation and mentoring your team during that first year is critical to Y(OUR) success.

Is there any kind of training for new owners?

Understanding the importance of training prior to execution, we have built different training plans that can accommodate to your needs. Please contact us for more training plans.

How is the support after opening my store?

To ensure performance, we implement bi-monthly business strategy conference calls whereby corporate partners, managers and franchisees discuss best practices. You’ll have the opportunity to adopt ideas from other successful operators. We’ll provide digital marketing strategies that have been proven to increase store traffic and optimize sales conversion. Our community can do wonders for your business.

How can I get supplies for my store?

We have an entire e-commerce platform for this, just go to and enter your login credentials, there you will find from apparel to merchandising and business supplies.

What are the startup costs for opening a store?

Our franchise entry fee starting from €5,000. Our royalty fee is 5% of gross sales. In our Franchise Disclosure Document, we’ve estimated costs for you. You’ll need to consider the cost of rent, fixtures, build-out and your investment in people. Minimum Investment is €30,000.

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